Avoiding the lure of riches

How easy it is to be distracted by our possessions!  King David prayed that his son Solomon would be a success. He even made it easy for him by heaping up all sorts of treasures with which to build the Temple, and what happened?  Solomon was a worldly success but not much else. Perhaps that is why Jesus, who knew the story well, sends out his disciples with as few possessions as possible. Like the seed that falls among thorns we can easily be swamped if we are surrounded by too much!


One thought on “Avoiding the lure of riches

  1. I’m reading “Finding Happiness” by Abbot Christopher Jamison for my daily meditations (a present on my reception into the Catholic Church in December) and today was reflecting on the chapter on “Greed”. The Abbot writes: “Once a year in Lent, we English Benedictine monks have the custom of writing out what we call ‘a poverty bill’. We write down an inventory of everything we have for our personal use and hand it to the abbot. It’s a very revealing exercise and enables us to ask: do I need all this? I have the following rule of thumb: if I haven’t used an item in the last twelve months since the last poverty bill then I probably don’t need it, so I give it away. I recommend this practice to everybody; it’s a wonderful way to heighten self-awareness about material possessions, is quite liberating and you may be amazed to discover what you don’t need.” (pp114-5)

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