Creation/Evolution shows us God

I am always infuriated when atheists use the Big Bang Theory of the beginning of the Universe to try to prove there is no God. Infuriated because this theory was first put forward by a Catholic priest and physicist Georges Lemaitre in 1927 (See Wikipedia) It was dubbed “The Big Bang Theory” by atheist scientists who, at the time, saw it as a Christian plot to bring in God. Eventually, of course, the Maths showed that Lemaitre was right. Whether a power called God made the Big Bang happen is open to debate, as some Physicists are theists, and some are not; but the idea that the Big Bang Theory demonstrates that God does not exist is just pure nonsense.

What is even more fascinating is that they can work out, using very complicated Mathematics, how old the Universe is and how far away the Sun and the Stars are from us. How they do it beats me, as I have only to see a very simple Maths formula and immediately get confused, but the fact that they can do it, that there is an order in the Universe that they can discern and calculate from, is just one more reason for believing that there is a God, a power, behind the whole thing.

Science relies on the idea that there is an order in the Universe, that what happens once in an experiment can be predicted to happen again. If the world was a chaos in which one day apples did fall to the ground at a certain speed and the next day they flew upwards, then one could well argue that there is no power underlying anything. The fact that there is predictability, that there is order, means that a force underlying all this is possible.

People tend to think that the idea of God as the power underlying the Universe is a modern idea, getting rid of a rather childlike view of God, as if it were a response to the scientific discoveries of the 20th Century. This is also not true because the idea that God is a power underlying all that exists goes back to St Paul, right at the beginning of Christianity in the 1stC AD, where he speaks of God as the power “in whom we live and move and have our being”. (Acts 17:27-28)

Is it also worth remembering that the chances of a universe with the range of elements that we have is almost unbelievably minuscule. It would take only the minutest change in any of the visible forces in the universe, and we could not have them (we would only have helium). It is also the case that the earth had to be exactly the right distance from the sun, and carbon had to have exactly the right properties for use to exist. The chances of this happening by luck are about 1: 10000000 (adding as many 0s as you feel like!) This is thus another argument for there being some kind of creative force underlying it all with a purpose to create intelligent life.

There is also a lot of ignorance around about the relationship between Creation and Evolution. Some rather stupid Christians do try to read the Bible as literally true, but this has never been the case for the Catholic Church. Actually there are two stories of Creation in the Bible (Genesis 1 & 2) which contradict one another, which shows that neither story was ever meant to be taken literally. The first shows creation beginning with light and darkness, then land and water, then plants and animals and then humans. It certainly gets the order right although it thinks it only took 6 days! The second has man being created first, then all the plants and animals, and then woman who is the only being who can be a partner (that is equal) to man. Another important point! Intelligent Christian biologists have never had a problem over this. Instead they see the fascinating way in which life evolved over millions of years, as yet another possible indication that there is a creative power at work in all this.

When the theory of evolution was first put forward by Darwin in 1859, it did create conflict between literalist Christians and the scientists, but these Christians were mostly not Catholics. Blessed John Henry Newman, a Catholic priest and great thinker of the 19th Century who eventually was made a Cardinal, never saw any problems about this theory, and most Christians today, as I have already said, see Evolution as yet another argument for the existence of God, not the reverse.  The fact is, that the more we discover about the World and the Universe, the more easy it is believe in a power underlying it all. Belief in God would only be irrational if all were chaos, and this is clearly not the case.



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